>Osaka | Electrical work, photovoltaic (Solar) power generation, Biomass power generation, mega solar design / installation work, land acquisition and project planning.


Electrical construction business

  • General electrical work, installation work ordinary homes and commercial buildings working with electrical voltage of 600 V or less.
  • Private electrical facilities, installation of electrical for factories, office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, recreational facilities, etc. that are supplied with a voltage exceeding 600V.

Environmentally friendly equipment construction business

We work with local community to provide safe and environmentally friendly hardware options to satisfy every community concerns.

  • Industrial solar power generation design and install
  • Household photovoltaic power generation design and install
  • Wind power plant design and install
  • Industrial LED design and install
  • Storage battery manufacturing and install
  • Solar equipment maintenance

Grounding work

  • Grounding survey, Grounding design and construction, Grounding resistance measurement.

Grounding survey, Grounding design and construction, Grounding resistance measurement.

  • Consultation with regulatory authorities
  • Meeting with utility companies
  • Obtain required permits
  • Complete review of profitability
  • Sales of mega solar plant

Installation design and sales

  • Flexible design
  • Superior quality and outstanding technology

Specific-scale electricity business

  • Sales of electricity to the utility companies

Real estate business

  • We offer commercial real estate services.

Renovation work

  • We also provide renovation services such as bath kitchen, water heater, flooring, exterior wall painting, tatami mat replacement, shoji replacement, exterior construction, etc.